A sample video for you to preview:

**This video shows a surgical procedure and may be inappropriate for some viewers**

I use videos of my surgeries and explain my techniques while you watch! Check out a sample of a routine dog spay:

Note: This spay takes about 8 minutes to complete. My routine dog spays take from 5-10 minutes, depending on the difficulty. Routine cat spays take 4-6 minutes. Please know that the goal of this course isn't to intimidate you or to guarantee that all of your spays will only take 6 minutes (it is possible to get to this point though) The goal of this course is to teach techniques to increase your surgical efficiency and to encourage a positive relationship with performing surgical procedures. If your average spay goes from taking 35 minutes to 25 minutes, that is a big deal and something to celebrate! I am here to support you and encourage you!

Are you wondering why I don't I have a surgical gown on? I routinely do not wear a surgical down, as I go immediately from surgery to surgery (this is common procedure in HQHVSN clinic settings). The Association of Shelter Veterinarians guidelines are more specific on recommendations regarding this practice. Keep in mind, this course focuses only on surgical techniques, not techniques regarding anesthetic protocols, surgical preparations, etc. Patient standard of care is always most important!