G. June Long, DVM

Auburn University c/o 2014

Hi, I’m June!

I have been a HQHVSN (high quality, high volume spay neuter) surgeon for over 5 years. I was formally trained at the ASPCA’s Spay/Neuter Alliance in 2016. I routinely perform approximately 30-40 surgeries a day, and have completed approximately 27,000 sterilization surgeries during my career. Over the years I have become very comfortable performing more difficult surgeries including in heat spays, obese spays, giant breed spays, abdominal cryptorchid neuters, pediatric spays and neuters, post-partum spays, lactating spays, etc. I’m also comfortable with correcting complications including torn pedicles, splenic lacerations, bladder punctures, hemoabdomens, etc.  I have mentored many veterinarians and veterinary students and enjoy sharing my knowledge with veterinary professionals.

Professional Organizations:

Member, Association of Shelter Veterinarians

Member, American Veterinary Medical Association

Professional Engagements:


Community Cats Podcast: "Pump up the volume with Dr. June Long"

The Vet Blast Podcast: "The 6 Minute Spay with June Long"

The Vet Blast Podcast: "Your spay/neuter complications answered"

The Vet Blast Podcast: "How to cope with surgical anxiety"

Dr. Long is available for the following:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Interviews
  • Training programs
  • International missions

Please email [email protected] to inquire about these engagements.